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BBVA taking steps against coronavirus

BBVA USA is actively monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 and taking proactive steps and prudent measures to ensure safe and efficient operation. These steps include the following:

  • Critical response teams continue to meet frequently to discuss and implement actions that will ensure business continuity. We have enabled remote access capabilities and alternate work locations for employees, as well as continuity plans for critical operations. 
  • We are coordinating with our suppliers and vendors to avoid any interference to providing service to our clients.

You can stay up to date regarding the progression of the coronavirus by visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We encourage you to continue to manage your accounts online using our digital platforms, including BBVA Net Cash USA and the BBVA Net Cash Mobile app

BBVA is committed to being a responsible partner in the communities we serve. We will take every measure to lessen the effects of COVID-19 on our operations while safeguarding employees and clients alike.



Optimizing your working capital

To manage your company’s resources effectively, you need tools that help you improve cash flow, speed access to information, and automate routine processes. Our Treasury Management team can provide all these tools and more—including award-winning customer service that allows you to focus on business knowing your money is working for you.

    Benefits to Your Business:
  • Accelerate cash cycles to speed access to available funds
  • Streamline payables processing to increase productivity
  • Implement security strategies to guard against fraud and cyber attacks
  • Assess financial data quickly to make better business decisions
2019 Innovator in Cash Management

BBVA Real Time ARP named Innovator for Global Finance Magazine.

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Receivable Solutions

Streamline processing, speed access to working capital, and improve cash flow.

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Payable Solutions

Manage the flow of disbursements with fast and efficient payment solutions.

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Information Management

Access critical data quickly, easily, and securely using advanced online tools.

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Risk Management

Enhance security with solutions that safeguard information and minimize the risk of fraud.

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Global Cash Solutions

Optimize management of your company’s finances in multiple countries.

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