BBVA Credit Card Rewards Programs


Swipe card. Earn points. Enjoy your rewards.

When you become a BBVA Rewards Card, BBVA ClearPoints Credit Card, or BBVA Select Credit Card cardholder, you will automatically start earning rewards with your first purchase.There are no fees for participation. See below for information on our rewards programs, so you can select the credit card that’s right for you!

Rewards Programs

Rewards Program for BBVA ClearPoints Credit Card

With the BBVA Build Your Own Rewards feature you can choose how you earn rewards.

  • Select one (1) category to earn 3% unlimited reward points on purchases2
  • Select one (1) category to earn 2% unlimited reward points on purchases2
  • Earn 1% unlimited rewards in all other categories2
  • Redeem points for account credit, and you could start earning on the purchases you make today!

Rewards Program for Select Credit Card

Earn unlimited rewards on all your purchases and bonus points on Entertainment, Dining and Travel .

  • Earn 4% unlimited rewards on Entertainment purchases4
  • 3% unlimited rewards on Dining purchases4 
  • 2% unlimited rewards points on Travel purchases4
  • 1% unlimited rewards on all other purchase categories4
  • Redeem points for account credit, quickly and easily right from your online or mobile account.

Rewards Program for BBVA Rewards Card

Earn hassle-free rewards across ALL purchase categories—every time, everywhere.

  • You could earn unlimited 2% rewards on all purchases with a monthly $1,000 direct deposit to a BBVA deposit account (Please note rewards decrease to 1.5% without the monthly direct deposit)3
  • Get the freedom and flexibility to shop anywhere Visa is accepted and earn unlimited rewards

Details you need to make a smart decision

1A Qualifying Purchase must be made with your BBVA Credit Card and processed or submitted through the Visa U.S.A. Inc. payment system to earn points. The following types of transactions do not count as qualifying purchases and will not earn points: balance transfers, cash advances, checks that access your account, fees assessed by us, prepaid or reloadable cards, quasi-cash items (like casino chips), cash equivalents (like money orders) and purchases made using a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

2Build Your Own Rewards for the BBVA ClearPoints Credit Card requires customers to select categories each quarter, or all transactions default to 1 point per $1 of net purchases. of net purchases. Bonus points are awarded based on the merchant’s reporting of its merchant category code (MCC). BBVA is not responsible for awarding points if a merchant reports its merchant category code in a category that falls outside of the bonus point category listing. Purchases made using third-party payment accounts, mobile or wireless card readers, virtual wallets, or similar technology may not qualify for a 2% or 3% purchase category if that technology is not set up to process the purchase in that category. Final determination of which purchases qualify for bonus points is at the sole discretion of BBVA. Bonus point categories are subject to change from quarter to quarter.

3BBVA Rewards Program: BBVA Rewards Cards automatically earn 1.5 Base Points per $1.00 of net purchases. In addition to Base Points, BBVA Rewards Cardholders can earn Relationship Rewards Bonus Points at a rate of one half (0.5) point for each $1.00 of net purchases (for a total of 2 points per $1.00). To be eligible for Relationship Rewards Bonus Points, you must receive direct deposits (from third parties) totaling $1,000.00 or more in a calendar month to your BBVA consumer checking, savings or money market account. Eligibility for Relationship Rewards Bonus Points is assessed monthly, and Relationship Rewards Bonus Points will be applied to purchases made the following month with your BBVA Rewards Card.

4 You will earn 4% unlimited rewards points on qualified entertainment purchases, 3% unlimited rewards points on qualified dining purchases, 2% unlimited rewards points on qualified travel purchases and 1% unlimited rewards on everything else. You will earn points on net qualified purchases only (purchases minus credits or returns). BBVA uses merchant category codes (MCC) to determine if a purchase is within one of the additional bonus point categories. BBVA is not responsible for MCCs used by merchants.